Five Seals of Magic

The players explore the dungeon of the Arcana Tower in search of powerful spells. The way to these scrolls is blocked by the magical seals of the four elements. Mages must also keep an eye on their opponents and use their own powers at the right time and at the right place. The collected scrolls can be used to manipulate dice and other elements of the game. This can break stronger seals and open the way to more powerful scrolls. The player who collects the most powerful scrolls wins the game.


The game has already found publishers in the US and France, and will be launched in 2016. We are looking for publishers for other countries / languages.


Mind Maze (game line)

The concept behind Mind Maze is a fairly well-known intellectual pastime.

A referee describes a strange story and the players must determine why and how the story happened. They do so by asking "Yes or No" questions, with "Not Important" also being a plausible answer. The key advantage of this game compared with its predecessors, is a new game format that allows players

to match up their deductive abilities.


One of our most successful game lines, we have 12 thematic game-boxes published in Russia. This game was also published in Germany, Poland,

France and Spain.



The end of the world is nigh! Choose your deity wisely — there are a lot of dark and powerful entities sleeping deep within the souls of people... You need to summon and empower your deity faster than your rivals. Now is no time to sleep — recruit followers, perform dark rituals, bribe officials, and inspire uprisings of the angry mob.


In the Cult board game, you will send your trusted priests to the most important locations of the Eternal City. They will compete for influence, followers, and other benefits to bring your deity victory over the minds and souls of the whole world.


Master of the Galaxy

We are proud to announce this fast and furious 4Х board game inspired by the best-selling computer game Master of Orion - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate! At the start of your conquest of the galaxy, you have one star system, one race card, and a modest supply of resources. During the game, you will fill your bag with new resources that may lead you to victory depending on your chosen strategy. Moreover, you need to gain useful progress and political cards. All means are good if you are the winner!


Swintus (game line)

The object of this game is very simple - you need to get rid of all your cards. However, there are a number of different ways that you can achieve this goal. Confuse your opponents with Prescriptions, control their every move with Etiquette, break them down with a Challenge to a card duel, or make a fool of them with a Performance card. This is the best selling party game in Russia - more than 500,000 copies have been sold so far.


The current line of Swintus consists of 6 games with 2 more titles being released in 2016.



Desktopia is a fascinating game that requires good planning, physical coordination and a good eye. It has mighty warriors, mysterious artifacts

and deadly missiles. They are represented by disks of varying sizes and colors that have to be sent flying toward their targets with a well-aimed flick of a finger. Each game of Desktopia can vary substantially because the battlefield landscape is formed by the random collection of objects that can usually be found on your desk or table. This may include books, cups, your laptop, or a remote control.


Choose a side of the table and lead your Order’s army into a campaign of world conquest! The game is already published in Russia and we are looking for international publishers.



A game about building nightmares so terrifying you’ll see half of them in your dreams afterwards. You have cards representing Night Terrors, and the more of them you combine in the right order, the more monsters will come to life, and the more horrifying they become. Create monsters that will make your opponents gasp in horror. Nourish them with your own fear and make them stronger. Only then will you achieve victory and become the Master of Terror!


The game was successfully published in Russia and was reprinted several times. We are looking for international publishers for this game.



Each player is a prospector who owns a personal space station. He and his clones do a dangerous and risky job. The biggest problem is caused by his competitors who try to take away everything that has been earned through honest and hard labor.


This game is completely unique. Imagine a turn-based game in the Tower Defense genre, where you must not only protect your property, but also send waves of attackers in the direction of your opponents.


Septikon was successfully launched on Kickstarter and now we are looking

for an international publisher for this game.


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